A Charter School for Children With Reading Differences

History & Mission

The Gates School, a public charter school serving grades 1-6, opened their doors in August 2021 after years of planning by dedicated parents and community members. The goal was to bring an educational institution specifically designed for dyslexic learners to the Lowcountry. Orton-Gillingham instruction and a multi-sensory educational model is instituted throughout the classrooms providing the pathway for the success of our students.

Gates School aims to unlock the potential of each student through the use of innovative teaching approaches while adhering to all state curriculum and standards. Additionally, Gates aspires to serve as a regional model that is a beacon to educators and parents as to what can be accomplished through dedication, service, and a supportive educational foundation.

Meet Our Faculty & Staff

Meet Our Board

Stephanie Sams - Chair

George Hynd - Vice Chair

Chris Ott - Treasurer

Ashley Goverman - Secretary

Jason Brisini - Member

Rosemary Herold - Member

Bob McFerran - Member

Jane Walsh - Member

Sedric Webber - Member