Helping Dyslexic Learners Achieve Their Academic Goals


Our classroom spaces and teaching methods embrace effective learning strategies to open the gates for individual academic potential in an environment that empowers students to develop a positive and socially conscious self-image. The comprehensive school program is rooted in multi-sensory, evidence-based, explicit instruction.

We are pleased to provide this remarkable program to students with a primary diagnosis of dyslexia.


  • School-wide curriculum based on the Orton-Gillingham (OG) approach that is specifically designed for the dyslexic learner using evidence-based, direct, explicit, multi-sensory instruction throughout the school day.

  • Full academic curriculum in accordance with SC Department of Education standards and regulations.

  • FROG (Fundamentals of Reading through Orton-Gillingham) programming daily.

  • Faculty/staff includes special education teachers, a counselor, a special education coordinator.

  • Faculty will be trained in OG based program as well as Social-Emotional /Diversity Equity & Inclusion programs.

  • Data-driven academics to assist students in achieving IEP goals and modifying goals as necessary.

  • Implementation of research-based strategies according to evaluations and on-site observations.

  • A weekly special initiative, Gates University, will provide programming by drawing upon the talent and expertise in the Lowcountry Community.