Gates School Application Process

Gates School is public charter school with a designation as an Alternative Education Campus (AEC) for children whose primary diagnosis or area of difficulty is dyslexia/SLD. The school's program is designed specifically and intentionally to meet the instructional and social needs of bright students who struggle to become skilled readers (e.g. children with dyslexia/specific learning disability). The school will be accepting applications for rising grades 1-7 for the 2023-2024 school year between February 27 - March 31, 2023. The 2023-2024 school year commences in August 2023.

Qualified students are:

  1. SC residents;
  2. Have a primary diagnosis of dyslexia/SLD through a formal public or private evaluation if they have been evaluated;
  3. If they have not been formally evaluated, they have the characteristics of dyslexia through an assessment/screener administered after the application is received; and/or
  4. Have demonstrated need for such specific services through (but not limited to) documentation in an IEP, 504 plan with dyslexia/SLD as the primary eligibility, or documentation from previous schools that the student is not meeting grade-specific standards in literacy.

Gates School's Application Process

Parent or legal guardian completes the application process by completing this form with the necessary accompanying paperwork required. Once the application is completed, the admissions committee will schedule an informal screening of your child if the committee feels it is needed. During the spring of 2017, the SC charter school law was amended that allowed Alternative Education Campuses (AEC's) the ability to be mission-specific and turn away students who did not meet the criteria of a Qualified Student for their school's mission. The Determination Process for Qualified Students to be used by the Admissions Team is as follows:

  1. A review of the documents submitted as part of the Application Process.
  2. A review of the student's informal screening.
  3. A determination by the Admissions Team as to whether the child demonstrates an unexpected reading delay and can be classified as having the characteristics of dyslexia/SLD, if not previously diagnosed or qualified through an Individual Education Plan (IEP, 504 Plan, and/or recent public/private psychological evaluation within the past 1-3 years).


Notification of Qualification

Once the Admissions Team has completed the process and determined if the child is a Qualified Student, the parent/legal guardian shall be notified after open enrollment closes. However, if the number of applicants exceeds available seats, Gates School acceptances will go to lottery as needed per grade. During the 2023-2024 school year, Gates School will offer education services for Qualified Students in Grades 1-7. All Qualified Students will be eligible to attend as space permits. Applications will be accepted from February 27 - March 31, 2023. Parents will be notified of acceptance and/or lottery date by mid-April 2023. The notice shall be sent by email provided on the application. The parent or guardian has until the indicated date in the letter to accept admission. If Gates School has received no response to the notice of admission by the indicated date, a follow-up phone call will be made to remind the parent/legal guardian of the pending deadline. If no response is provided, it shall be deemed that the offer of admission has been declined and a letter to that affect will be sent to the parent/legal guardian. Applications must contain all applicable and accurate information listed in the Checklist.

Checklist and Explanation of Required Items.

Please submit all items at one time, not individually. The application will be processed when all of the items below have been received. The items needed are:

  1. Application.
  2. Evaluation(s) - submit a copy of any recent psychological evaluation, speech/language evaluation, and/or medical records concerning conditions that might affect your child's ability to learn. If your child has never been evaluated, please note on the parent questionnaire below.
  3. Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan - submit only the most recent copy.
  4. Report Cards - submit a copy of your child's final report card from last year AND a copy of this year's most recent report card. *Additional information and/or documents may be required to determine qualification.


Gates School does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, gender, disability, ethnicity, or national origin, sex, sexual orientation, veteran status, disability in employment in its programs or activities. For further information on federal non-discrimination regulations, including Title IX, please contact the school at 843-868-8178.